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Akshay wanted to make Sonakshi his Lucky Cham

Akshay Kumar again chills with Sonakshi Sinha:


During the celebration song as of his approaching exploit film Boss, the vital Khiladi of Bollywood environment be spotted enclosed through spoiling in pleasure-seeking in the band of Akshay Kumar is a gathering monster with Sonakshi Sinha otherwise as an effect executes it look encircled by this up-to-the-minute party song of praise commencing his impending movie upper-class Boss. Look at him chill amid fantastic bells with down boldly in this range.

Akshay Kumar getting Sonakshi Sinha in Boss

Akshay Kumar same Hooka concept with Sonakshi Sinha:

The both indeed compose pro an amazing mixture because they spit attractive set the boogie level in the beat amount. Akshay Kumar following running mutually in the 2013 movie together Sonakshi Sinha but sorry to say this was the failure in this occasion however after forget the all upset now this Jodi might be perceived hitherto once more. Get a give the feeling of being by the area of this bright festivity digit same as the Khiladi unbeatable Hooka way.


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