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B.A Pass the Movie: Mukesh the hero of movie B.A Pass lost his blood relation in a auto disaster, Mukesh lives at his Aunty residence in Delhi. register in a fine for unknown lessons in college, he likes to play Chess at the neighboring memorial park, the break times he doubts more than behavior to create a income and charming care of his two Sisters. '

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The Love of B.A Pass with Maturity: B.A.Pass' is a narrative seem to be at the mortal undertake of a fresh days. After Mukesh get together Sarika (the different aunty) at a fun celebration, slightly act he recognize of the town and it's behavior and revenue to stay alive. Sarika make Mukesh feel different, introverted and innocent he fall for her. What go after is a weave of fortune, a sort of tale that shows as terrible operation of offense


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